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     I enjoy getting emails from people and making new friends via the web. I am a very busy girl these days but I will try to answer any emails within several days. I’m primarily attracted to women but I have met some sweet guys online and I enjoy flirting! However I don’t like emails that are sexually suggestive, raunchy, or crude. If an email is raunchy, sorry, but I won’t answer it-I insist on being treated like a lady!
    If you have questions about TG or TS issues  please consult my links page. If you email me I’ll try to help, however, I’m not an expert and I feel the links I included can provide a better basic intro than I can. If you are still curious or are struggling with gender  issues yourself I can try to help or  at least point you to someone else who can. Feel free to email me at
Rules for E-mailing Kate