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Know the Masculine, cleave to the Feminine
Be the valley for everyone.
Being the valley for everyone
You are always in virtue without lapse
And you return to infancy.

Dao De Ching

     Hi! My name is Phillippa Kathleen Devlin (my friends call me Kate). I’m a transgendered woman  and I  live in the Boston area. I posted this web site to help explain myself and my unique gender situation to my family and friends, make new friends, and to share some of my interests with others.  I currently live part time as  a woman and I’m transistioning towards full time womanhood. For me being a woman is so much fun, so deeply fulfilling and satisfying, its utterly beyond belief!
     I have a background as an international educator and I’ve lived and worked in China, Moscow, Germany, the UK, and Bosnia. Although I’ve had many interesting experiences as a teacher right now I’m working to get into the computer industry, a field which will be more accepting to someone in my gender situation. I’m a historian/social scientist and I would like to eventually work in informatics rather than information technology, studying the development of societies and cultures.
     I love all things connected to being a girl-silky lingerie, evening wear, shopping, and being  glamourous I’m also fairly artsy-I love art and literature, going to galleries and shows. My other interests include reading, especially history and science fiction, classic films, history simulation computer games, progressive politics, world travel, and Asian cultures. I’m spiritual rather than religious, with a strong leaning towards Buddhism.
     I have links to a more detailed treatment of some of my interests. I hope you enjoy my site and find it interesting.
     Welcome to my world!