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Some Of My Likes/Dislikes pg. 1

Things I Like To Do:

                                Having  long night time conversations/parties with friends till 3 or 4 AM. Visiting art galleries and museums. Hanging around artsy bookstores. Walking in the rain, slowly. Shopping for clothes. Shopping for cosmetics. Shopping for perfume. Looking  really glamorous !. Being made up. Having cute guys admire me!  Helping  friends buy clothes. Cooking with a friend.  Helping new gals accept their CD or TG feelings.  Writing,. Having a really good snowball fight. Paying tao-chi (Chinese jumping game) . Playing  Civ II (and now Civ III).  Meeting and working with people from other  countries and cultures. Working for political campaigns that will hopefully make the world a little bit better.  Long walks in the woods.  Daydreaming.  Studying Chinese.  Cooking Chinese food. Living in a big city. Taking long road trips. Touching. and being touched.  Cuddling and tickling.  Listening to NPR. Programming,. Learning anything new. Admiring beautiful women . Giving people compliments.  Being “mam’ed”,. Having nice nails,. Buying new shoes. Collecting Barbie dolls. Daydreaming about giving birth and being a mother. Daydreaming about  someday being a bride .(I don’t think these two fantasies are mutually exclusive!)

Music I Like

                 Classical; any movement  from Bach’s Bradenburg Concerto, Vivaldi, , Debussey, Grieg, anything by Mozart. Solieri (Bach’s contemporary and rival), Wagner (as a guy I used to like him, now that I’m a girl I’ve stated to hate him!)
                  Contemporary; Bjork (I love her outfits, especially what she’s wearing on  “Homogenic”, unfortunately I can’t kick mailboxes as well as she!), the Indigo Girls, Dead Can Dance, Deep Forest, Timbuckthree, Sarah McLaughlin..Ani Difranco,  Pearl Jam, Joan Jett, Jane’s Addiction, Phish,  Suzette Vega, Joan Osbourne, Patti Smyth, Deng Lijin (Taiwanese pop singer who lived in Japan. Virtually unknown in the US but extremely popular all over East Asia, called by some the “Chinese Patsy Kline”), Cui Jian, mainland Chinese rock singer/diisident, very active about 15 years ago but dormant for some time, called by some the “Chinese Bruce Springsteen”.
                Classic rock; anything by the Who, the Stones, the Grateful Dead. , Lou Reed, Nico,The Clash, the Sex Pistols ,70s/80s era reggae-Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Burning Spear, Jimmy Cliff, mid-period Beatles, John Lennon, The Ramones  (I feel sad about the passing of both Joey and DeeDee Ramone). Tom Petty. The Cars, Golden Earring, Boston, Aerosmith, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young
                Jazz; Coltrane, Charlie Parker.  Stan Getz.

     Religion/spirituality: I consider myself spiritual rather than religious. While I don’t follow the New Age movement, channeling, or UFOlogy,  I’v long been  interested in a sort of global spirituality. These are  religions I’ve been interested in :
                 Buddhism, Taoism, Sufiism, paganism (both Asatru-Norse paganism, and the various Celtic pagan traditions), Unitarianism, the Bahai Faith. I’ve long been drawn to Joseph Campbell ‘s mythopoetic books.
     Overall  I’m a Buddhist-this is the system that makes the most sense to me.