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Some Of My Likes/Dislikes pg. 2

Favorite films;

                    My Life In Pink ,  Orlando ,The Fifth Element, The Wizard of Oz, Species II, The Piano, Breakfast At Tiffany’s, The King and I, The Revolutionary (Al Pacino plays a Scottish fisherman in the American Revolution. Wierd but it works). The Postman. Waterworld. Planet of The Apes (the originals, not the remake). Malcolm X by Spike Lee. The Pillow Book, (more to be added).

Favorite Cities/Towns;
                                 The US;
                                            Boston, Portland, Maine, Sarasota, Eastern Long Island (I partly grew up there) San Francisco (I’ve only been there a very short time, unfortunately).
                                           Quebec City, Toronto
                                          Florence, London, Dublin, Edinborogh , Masstricht, Amsterdam, Berlin (parts of it anyway) Hamburg (a gritty but energetic place, long known for its progressive politics), Prague.Warsaw.
                                Asia; Xi’an, Chengdu, Dali, Kashgar, Urumqui, Tokyo (I’ve only been there a very short time), Osaka (haven’t been there yet but I’d love to go). Irkutsk. ,Ullan Bator,  Mongolia (I didn’t see that much of it but at least I can say I was there!)

                                             I haven’t been there yet but I would love to go. People like me are honored there . Changmai is supposed to be a great place..



     Anything by Kafka (his “Metamorphosis describes what I’ve been going though, including relationships with family members), Rilke (The Sonnets to Orpheus is my favorite), Rimbaud,  Pablo Neruda (especialy his early, erotic stuff), Thomas Pynchon (especially V-one of my favorite all time novels). Isabelle Allende, especially “The House of Spirits”. Margeret Atwood. “A People’s History of The United States” by Howard Zinn.
   SF; Anything by Philip K. Dick. The Dune Books, The Jesus Incident by Frank Herbert. Harry Turtledove’s alternate history stuff. ”On Wings of Song”, “Camp Concentration”-Thomas Disch, “Fire On The Mountain” by Terry Bisson, “China Mountain Zhong” by  Maureen McHugh, most of  Ian Banks’ stuff. “A Short History of The Future” by Walter Wagar. “Fisherman of The Inland Sea”  and anything else by Ursula LeGuin., Brian Aldiss, Brian Stableford.
     Just about any “Lonely Planet” guidebook.
     Seventeen Magazine. The Onion. The eXile (an expat newspaper published in Moscow. Yep, I have the correct spelling). Transgender/Tapestry. Transgender  Community News. The Boston Phoenix,   Transistions Abroad (a mag about living and working abroad).