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Some Of My Likes/Dislikes pg. 3


    Paul Klee (seeing the “Twittering Machine” in a gallery with Nico singing  in the background was one of the best aesthetic experiences I’ve had. What a rush!). Albrecht Durer. Frida Kahlo. Mexican mural art.

Female role models

     Song Soo Chee, (the Burmese dissident and human rights activist), Frida Kahlo, Jody Foster, Indira Ghandi (I don’t like everything she did but she was a strong leader who tried to help her country). Betty Davis, Vivian Leigh, Joan of Arc, Wu Zet Tien (Chinese empress), Lynn Conway, Wendy Carlos, Dana Rivers


   Wearing long skirts, Victorian era period costumes, especially Civil Era hoop skirts., Victorian riding habits, Barbie dolls, being treated as a lady. Having men kiss my hand.  Autumn.  Summer .Spring. Bicycle riding. Claudine Schiffer (I’m a lesbian). Chinese beer  (girls can drink beer too!), Czech beer. Belgian beer. The Netherlands. The Guggenheim Museum.  Sunday mornings. Living in a big city. A waterbed.  A futon.  Sleeping on satin sheets. Reading about a new dinosaur discovery. Amnesty International. Noam Chomsky. Celtic lore. Native American lore. the Algonqiun language. Florida.


         Sports (with the exception of soccer). Hey, I’m a girl!, Macho aggressive men. Survivalists. Racists, especially the type who assume I’m ‘one of them” just because I’m a white person. Extreme fundamentalists of any persuasion, whether Christian , Islamic, or other. People who are intolerant. Ultra-nationalists from any  country.
     Anything to do with Ozzy Osbourne and most types of heavy metal music. War. The military (although I enjoy reading military history). Living in the country. Country music. Elevator music. Bush (Any of them). Most  forms of hierarchy.  Any type of arbitrary, irrational authority. Sexism-treating women as second or third class citizens just  because they are women. Transphobia (for obvious reasons) Dictators-Hitler, Stalin, Genghis Khan. Cigarrette smoking (I have some good friends whom I like and admire who smoke. You know who you are. Cut it out. NOW! You’re a good person and I don’t want to see you get hurt. Smoking is especially dangerous for someone on hormones. People like us should not smoke!) People telling me I can’t look feminine just because I have a Y chromosome. The government of Burma. North Korea (even the Chinese think its repressive)
     On a lighter note…
                Belgium (sorry to condemn a whole country. I have met some nice, kind people in Brussels and the central area of that city is pretty funky, but overall the country is boring, boring, boring! They do make great beer and waffles though). And, while I’m at it, Microsoft. They’ve put out some wonderful products, but…..