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“I’m a fountain of blood
In the shape of a girl
You’re the bird on the brim
Hypnotized by the Whirl
Drink me/Make me feel real
Wet your beak in the stream
Game we’re playing is life
Love is a two way dream”


There are several reasons why I decided to put up this website. Among these are sharing my interests, making new friends, self validation, and to have fun. .It’s a lot of fun doing this!  I’m primarily attracted to women and I  am interested in someday meeting that special someone, a woman who  I can share my life with as a  lesbian life partner.
     I’m a male to female transsexual , currently on hormones, living part time as a woman. I enjoy cuddling, kissing, walks hand in hand, more cuddling, and much touching.  I have many interests including theater and culture arts, literature, Asian cultures,  science fiction, history, travel,  progressive politics, and serviing my lover. Right now though I’m mostly interested  in making friends  with like minded genetic or transgendered women  who may share similar interests. Email me at: